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retro futurist minimal electronic new wave analog synth electro pop music



A number of I SATELLITE related items are available for purchase below:


I SATELLITE - Robot T-shirt - omega004 - July 31, 2014

A limited edition robot t-shirt was available during the concerts in Sweden/Norway in May 2014. It has now been reprinted with a higher-resolution robot, more visible lettering, more accurate color rendering, and higher quality t-shirt (in black only).

The shirt is an American Apparel jersey, the Cadillac of t-shirts, one of the best available. It's lightweight, soft cotton, with full color screen printing. Each shirt was sewn by 9 people in a non-sweatshop environment in Los Angeles, California. They were paid fair wages with access to healthcare benefits.

Note: Sizes run small since this is a modern fit t-shirt. A medium will be a tight fit for the average person. The shirt is 100% cotton and will shrink when washed. You can view a sizing chart here to verify which size you need.

OPTION #1: Robot T-Shirt Only: $25 plus shipping ($6 in the USA, $13 International).

OPTION #2: Robot T-Shirt + Zephyr EP: $32 plus shipping ($6 in the USA, $13 International).

OPTION #3: Robot T-Shirt + Zephyr EP + AUTO:MATIC CD: $40 plus shipping ($11 USA, $16 International).

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I SATELLITE - Zephyr EP - omega003 - April 14, 2014

First release by I SATELLITE in over 10 years. Produced, mixed, and mastered by Robbie Bronnimann, artist/remixer/producer for Howard Jones, Midge Ure/Ultravox, etc. Limited edition hand-numbered release of 1000 copies in a black and white matte-finished Zephyr cardboard sleeve. You can hear a sampling of each of the songs from the EP on the I SATELLITE SoundCloud page.

Tracks include:

this time (Zephyr instrumental) - a Zephyr-exclusive instrumental version of the song "This Time" which will appear on the next full-length I SATELLITE release due out in Fall of 2014.

city streEts - a new song with a film noir, Thomas Dolby vibe to it.

life in tokyo (jaPanese instrumental) - an unreleased instrumental version of Japan's "Life in Tokyo" created using a pair of MC-4b MicroComposers and exclusively remastered for this release. The track recently received kudos from Giorgio Moroder who featured it on his Facebook page and said, "I am speechless! This is absolutely fantastic...a really great rework (and you also used MicroComposers like I did)".

i am tHe city: 12" stockholm mix - a fantastic classic 12" remix by Robbie Bronnimann of ABBA's "I Am the City" in celebration of the 2014 Sweden/Norway tour in support of Rational Youth/Psyche/SMPJ/Robert Marlow/.

bubbleboY: redux - a remix/redux of Bubbleboy by Eddie Bengtsson of PAGE, Sista Mannen Pa Jorden, This Fish Needs a Bike fame, originally from the Bubbleboy Remix 12" single but exclusively remastered for this release.

youR silent face - A cover version of New Order's "Your Silent Face", exclusively remastered for this release.

Price: $10 plus shipping ($4 USA, $7 International).



Limited edition (500 copies) blue vinyl 12" with full-color sleeve. Includes the original version of Bubbleboy and 6 reworked versions of the song by various European electronic artists.

Tracks include:

I SATELLITE - Bubbleboy
Freischwimmer - Bubbleboy (Muss Zur Marine Mix)
This Fish Needs A Bike - Bubbleboy Redux

Charly Kent : Bubbled Boy
Solitude FX : Bubbleboy Meets Bubblegirl
Echo West : Bubbleboy
IT & My Computer : Le Garcon Est Mort

Price: $20 plus shipping ($11 USA, $16 International). Quantities are very limited.


I SATELLITE - AUTO:MATIC - Omega.001 - March 2003

robot pArade - 4:05
bUbbleboy - 4:00
i wanT you - 4:27
retrOpolis - 4:47
12:15 friday night - 4:34
autoMat - 5:42
polAroid - 3:19
where in The world - 4:58
orIon - 3:36
out of spaCe - 3:14

Debut full-length CD release from I SATELLITE. Reviews of this release are available here.

You can hear sound clips or buy MP3's of the songs on Apple iTunes (requires installation of iTunes on PC or Mac).

Price: $10 plus shipping ($4 USA, $7 International).